Group of multiracial people, girl in wheelchair, lgbt person and elderly woman . Concept of multiracial and multicultural community. Vector flat illustration of diverse characters

Are we living in an echo chamber?

For innovation to foster and ideas to flow, a diverse set of voices is vital. The idea that diversity is a checkbox to tick rather than a long-term initiative to be taken to make room for all voices is detrimental to an organisation’s health.

As a manager or a founder or even a business owner, here are a few reasons why promoting diversity will be beneficial for your team, start-up, or business.

> Varied Perspectives – Living in a world where there is only one perspective, leads to decisions that are binary in nature and don’t appeal to a larger audience.

> Creativity – When you have people from all walks of life, it is bound to bring in fresh ideas from what they make of the world

> Culture Awareness – Understanding differences is the first step in building internal and external culture for your organization.

> Open Communication – The moment you open yourself and by extension your organization to diverse voices, open communication follows. Which helps in creating both trust in the teams and also building channels for honest dialogue.

This Pride Month and ahead – let’s have a celebration of diversity from the aspect of bringing diverse voices to the table.