One person being made to choose a happy or sad emoji as feedback

Are Your Employee Surveys Failing to Get You the Right Insights?

Having two-way communication with your employees is vital and fosters open communication within the organization. When it comes to taking feedback from the employees, traditionally it has been done every quarter or yearly, similar to the performance management that takes place. 

With remote becoming a new reality and organizations embracing these new norms, it has been especially challenging for organizations to check the pulse of their employees but inadvertently has become all the more vital. Organizations that can correctly gauge the engagement of their employees, will always be more productive and agile in a world that keeps on changing at a breakneck speed.

Organizations are investing in making sure that their employees have channels to give their opinions, with the size, reach, and employee base, the hurdle lies in creating meaningful impact and value for the feedback they receive. If the communication remains one way, where feedback is received but no action takes place from that feedback, the organizations lose the trust of their employees over period of time.

To maintain this trust and set clear expectations with your employees, it is not only important to work on the feedback but also communication how does that feedback had led to actionables within the organization. This sets the most vital part of gathering feedback, are we asking te right questions, are we asking these questions to the right people and lastly, how many of these people are responding to this questions. Once we have aligned the basics of feedback mechanism, we need to gather meaningful insight from the feedback received and work towards an action plan that does justice to the issues raised or suggestions given.

All in all, a tool or a process that can help you streamline the process of asking the right questions, to the right people and nudging them to share feedback, and building action planning and strategies through that feedback can make sure Employee Surveys are being used to build two way communications and culture of feedback in the workplace.